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Eucalytpus Premium - EP

Lavender Premium - LP

Wintergreen Premium - WP

Buy 2 get 10% off + Free shipping


    6 intensity levels

    22 Hz/1300 RPM

    28 Hz/1700 RPM

    33 Hz/2000 RPM

    44 Hz/2400 RPM

    48 Hz/2800 RPM

    55 Hz/3200 RPM

    *RPM stands for revolutions per minute i.e., how many times the massage gun can hit in one minute


    stainless steel 2

    bullet head

    ball head

    fork head

    flat head

    stainless steel 1

    ( Lower Back, Hams, Quads)

    ( All Muscle Group)

    ( Pecs, Lats, Abs)

    ( Neck, Back, Arms, Calves)

    ( Traps, Back, Lower Back)



    Part (2)-01.png

    ( Pecs, Abs, Glutes )


    recommended intensity level 


    warming up

    Level 1 ~ 2

    22 Hz/1300 RPM

    28 Hz/1700 RPM

    Benefits: Activate the muscle group

    Duration: 1-2 minutes per muscle group

    Rest in between sets

    Level 3 ~ 4

    33 Hz/2000 RPM

    44 Hz/2400 RPM

    Benefits: Loosening tense & tight muscle

    Duration: 15-30 seconds per muscle group


    after workout

    Level 5 ~ 6

    48 Hz/2800 RPM

    55 Hz/3200 RPM

    Benefits: Prevention of DOMS (Delayed on-set muscle soreness)

    Duration: 3-5 minutes per muscle group


    Press & Hold the middle button

    until the device is turned on

    Press again to change the intensity level from 1 to 6.

    Press & Hold the middle button

    until the device is turned off

    let us guide you

    150 dB-01.png

    how are we different from our competitors


    comparison -01.png
    comparison table-01.png

    it's so quiet you Won't realize it's on

    crop outline ygun-01.png
    60 dB-01.png
    90 dB-01.png
    police siren-01.png
    120 dB-01.png



    Hair dryer

    Police siren

    Fireworks at 1 metre

    150 dB-01.png

    how does the attachment help?

    What People Say about us?



    Yoga Instructor

    I have been using YŪGUN Massage gun almost everyday to release my shoulder tension over long hours working from home, whole day on my laptop. I also used it to speed up muscle recovery after my daily indoor cycling at home.



    Fitness Trainer

    As a personal trainer, i've dealt with many clients experiencing muscle sore & aches all over their body as a result fo bas posture & desk-bound for prolonged period of time. With YŪGUN, it helped me to reserve my energy to train my clients better. It targets trigger point which release more effectively at different parts of the body, which comes together with its exchangeable 6 heads. I love the 6-speed percussion, it gives more variability for my clients with different tolerance level towards the trigger point experience compared to other massage gun in the market. YŪGUN's design definitely looks lit & its functionality is top notch, like the cool factor you're using an iPhone to other phone brands!



    Team Malaysia/ Athlete

    YŪGUN helps with relieving sore muscles almost instantly. Its percussive therapy techniques increases blood flow and reduces muscle stiffness

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