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YŪGUN originates from the Japanese word Yūgen -  everything in line with that we are expressing through our company. Our mission is to make top-tier muscle recovery accessible to everyone. YŪGUN is built with high quality technology to help recover sore and tight muscles, promote muscle activation for optimal performance and increase blood flow while reducing any effect of DOMS; all at an affordable price point.

who are we?

We are a group of friends who grew a fondness towards our enthusiasm for sports and marathons, we all faced the same challenge; muscle stiffness was a frequent encounter. Developing warrior-like mindsets filled with pure determination, these sports aficionados are encouraged to step forward and challenge our abilities. Yūgun was founded from our quintessential love for sports and overcoming physical barriers so we can reach greater height athletically.

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From the intense workouts which lead to sore and sensitive muscles, the forced downtime is something people seem to dread. 


Proper muscle recovery is a crucial part for every physical exercise and should be done for an optimal bodily performance.


This lowers not only the risk of a potential injury, but it allows better attainment for your physical exercise goals to be achieved..

YŪGUN helps with the recovery of sore and tight muscles, or aches and knots you might be experiencing from physical exertion.


YŪGUN also helps with increasing blood flow, reducing the effect of DOMS and relaxes muscles.

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An improvement in muscle flexibility can be stimulated through helping boost the recovery of strained muscle, reducing swelling, muscle stiffness, and overall improves emotional factors such as stress, fatigue, and anxiety.


Commonly known but often overlooked; warming up our muscles before physical activity is an imperative step. 


YŪGUN promotes muscle activation which reduces the like-hood of injuries and product acts an excellent recovery solution.

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